Vintage Toys and Collectables

tumblr_static_tumblr_static__640Having even greater value than other collectible items, vintage toys are some of the most relinquished items in any collector’s bundle. The fact that a whole history unravels behind each vintage toy, it makes such items far more valuable than other collectibles in the vision of most collectors. Of course, there are also vintage toys which were produced in recent years, and go through special treatment in order to achieve that “vintage” look, but these do not receive the same positive feedback from most collectors.

The older a vintage toy is, the greater its nominal and sentimental values will be, and those who bear in mind these two factors that need to be considered when searching for vintage toys will have a better chance of expanding their collections with valuable items.

There are a number of vintage toys and types out there, but some of the most notable ones are the items that have been produced during the war, or which have “exotic” origins, such as those who come from far-away countries like China, Japan or Russia. Since most of the materials that were in use in those times included primarily wood and metal, most vintage toys are almost exclusively hand-crafted and exude impressive workmanship.

Be it Japanese wood puzzles, nutcrackers or wooden trains that were quite popular during the First and Second World War, vintage toys have a special charm attached to them and everyone who has seen an old toy at least once, knows that such items seem to hold “bits of time” in them, which makes them highly sought after by all collectors.

The more intricate the design of the vintage toys is, the more valuable they are and all the marks, scratches and other elements which might have been affected them with the passage of time will greatly improve the overall “patina” of each piece.