Stuffed Animals and Dolls

stuffed-animalscloset-under-stairs1Looking at a different perspective in terms of collectable items, stuffed animals and dolls make up their own separate category, which sets them apart from other related items, such as action figures or replica models. Still, maintaining a strong position in the collectables market, stuffed animals and dolls are mostly collected because of their different characteristics, which can be the needed element for drawing in collectors.

For instance, stuffed animals which have particular production defects, such as inaccurate stitching, loose parts or even wrongly assigned components, will be more valuable than the same ones without the defects, and this is mainly because of the exclusivity attached to them. Having an item that basically is different than the rest of the series which have been produced in a batch gives that particular item great value in the collectables market, and makes it a sought after product by many.

The same situation is mainly seen with collectable dolls, and here, the category also includes special dolls, such as the ones seen on sets of hospitals, or even crash test mannequins, which also have great value in the collectables market, even more so if they have already been subjected to testing.

In terms of stuffed animals, the classic Teddy Bear style animals still dominate the collectables scene and there are numerous variations of the original design, which make this collectable item one which faces a great deal of complexity when it comes to assessing its value. Here, stuffed animals which have seen a lot of wear and tear and have even gone through events such as a war, have a considerable value in the collectables market and are practically “hunted” by collectors who wish to own such unique items in their repertoire.

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