Star Wars Figures and Ships

271a71a519258630969715d23ce4515fProbably one of the most famous and popular Sci-Fi sagas of all time, the Star Wars series has had a tremendous impact on all Sci-Fi fans worldwide, and it has generated an impressive array of collectible items, such as character figures, miniature ship replicas or even 1:1 scale light sabers.

Almost every reputable collector has or had one Star Wars item in his collection and this says a lot about how great these characters are and the resulting collectible items that people fight over.

The number of characters in the Star Wars saga isn’t too large, but the variations into which the replicas and figures are available is huge because of the fact that each character is offered in different postures, with various elements such as weapons, or apparel that varies throughout the different scenes in the movies.

Some characters which are among the popular choices of most collectors are Anakin Skywalker, both as himself or as Darth Vader, Yoda, Master Windu, or the beloved two robots – C3PO and its fellow mate, R2D2. These are only a couple of the figures that are available for buying at Vintage Collectables for Everyone, but the collection is much, much bigger and it even incorporates characters with a more obscure nature to them, such as several clones or guards which can be seen episodically on the Death Star.

Aside from the numerous characters of Star Wars which have received over the years their corresponding replicas, there are also numerous ships that have their own miniature replicas, in the standard, 1/18, 1/24 and 1/43 scales, to fit the requirements of all collectors. Classic pieces include the Death Star, Imperial Battle Cruisers, of multiple classes, or the Millennium Falcon and X-Wing fighters that are often seen during the franchise movies. Last but not least, ships from the Rebel Fleet are also offered, together with great replicas of trivial items, such as the escape pods.